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go to texas . have texas lost to take everything to santa fe, and he will deal with the demands that says the texas republican came in to the union. i have to ask if all of you have so funds, could you please turn off. thank you. this texas came into the union the debts from the texas republican. texas is demanding that the united states government bailout texas because texas is in bankruptcy. by the way, we will do this. the first federal bailout in american history is texas. i wish that somebody would teach governor perry of texas now. as he talks about secession and running for president the same time. i want to know what country. taylor would deal with these one of the time. in the senate, however, henry clay, the grand old man of american politics has a different idea. he hates taylor. he hates taylor because he thought he should have been the weak nominee in 1848. he does not understand how this of star politician who never did anything suddenly is president rather than henry clay has earned it. and his plan is to run congress and force what he calls an omnibus bill which
and another boom to bust oil town on the texas panhandle. dropped out of high school after two years and became a painter, married, had his first two children and they all waited through the years that carried the black lizard's of dust across the great plains. this was the war not topsoil of over 100,000 square miles of ravaged farmland. in november, 1933 the dust. the midwest and came back the following year burying the entire midwest again and then as far east as albany and buffalo new york. as the dust continued to blow for the rest of the decade the sky but term black and red with tongs of dust and animals and people choke to death, toddlers wander out and suffocate. and the single worst day that any of the dust bowl could remember was april 14th, 1945 palm sunday. they call it black sunday. that is when the wind of more than 80 an hour ripped the topsoil and the clafin as far away as nebraska, it dumped on the already dying town of tampa texas and woody recalled when the dust cloud hit it looked like an ocean was chomping down on a snail and the red sea was closing in on the ch
the united states have been successful. one attack occurred at fort hood texas where 13 people were killed. in the incident, the defendant is still awaiting a military court marshall. a second attack occurred in a recruiting station in little rock, arkansas. one person was killed and one person was wounded. in the little rock case, the defendant pled guilty to murder in state court. i imagine my colleagues on the other side of the aisle want to use these two attacks two paint a picture about the nature of violence extremism threat facing this nation. once again, the picture they draw is not likely to be accurate, nuanced, or subtle. in the past, i've expressed my concerns about the nature and directions of these hearings. my concerns are amplified today. .. how praise is probably less then forwarded and how well he or she shoots. part to chaldees aside, as we begin this hearing, i think it's appropriate to acknowledge and remember that today is the anniversary of the bombing of pearl harbor. that single event, an unprovoked attack on american military installation in american territory pre
the georgia to texas swing so much safer for the farm states that are so loyally republican? would've we got going for us that they don't have going for them? >> a couple things are interesting. louisiana was one of the last southern states good to talk about the deep south and southern strategy. louisiana is a u.s. senator until recently had never had a republican majority in either chamber i did not have a history of electing republican governors. i voted for twice. a lot of voters and the fact reregister democrat was a republican nationally. even a voter registration, even though our numbers are increasing in their numbers are tear creasing, were still half the size of the democratic party. they outnumbered two to one even today. so i think what's interesting, let's look at state that a red versus blue, but the states that are changing. louisiana is moving in the right direction. west virginia is one of those states that wants to move in the right direction and certainly a lot of talk about the western states may be becoming more purple, moving kind of towards the middle. i think that the
. well, the chinese are now waiting. and if the energy is then piped to texas refineries throughout the midwest, it is going to go instead to china. and i just would conclude with the concept for the argument that prime minister harper made after the administration rejected his decision. he was very disappointed and he lived up the argument that the book long long range to china and to asia. and we can only hope president to bomb it drops his opposition. i turn now to the ranking member for his opening statement. >> mr. connolly, which elect to make a statement? >> thank you, mr. chairman. and i think the ranking member for his graciousness and ought to thank them for the opportunity to address national security issues is interrelated. given the promise of the debate about the keystone accel pipeline in the house pair of tax bill, like you mr. chairman of going to focus my comments on that issue appeared the international agency recently issued its world energy outlook, which contained one notable piece of good news. u.s. dependent on foreign and particularly middle eastern oil is p
very much. [applause] >> the please welcome the governor of the great state of texas, governor rick perry. [applause] >> hi guys, gals, how do you. it is an honor to be here with you tonight and i told somebody, i said just think about being in iowa in december. [laughter] you have to have the real reason to be here. and i got here in the weather was so magnificent. i called my wife and i told her honey, it's 54 degrees. that is just awesome. is like telling somebody to come to texas in august. maybe not. let me say how honored i am to be with the men and women tonight who are truly on the front lines of renewing our culture in this country and that is exactly what you do and what you are all about, and i want to extend my sincere thanks to a man that i have had the great privilege to get to know in a personal way and travel to iraq and afghanistan with him as a governor and a person who daily still makes a difference in this country, strengthening our country's core because of what is in his heart. that is governor huckabee. [applause] and to citizens united, just i mean for produc
-limit affect on congress as well i don't know what the average tenure here in iowa or texas is. i'm probably going to say it's around seven or eight years to go back some one else comes in i frankly don't -- i'm not too concerned about what the congress loves me or not i'm concerned with the lead this country back on track. i think i've laid out a plan that does that, and the american people as they look and see there is very consistent in their lives when it comes to these issues and that would fit that bill. you're pushing meshaal bachmann now for first place coming off the straw poll when what you think has happened since then -- we had four people out leading there may be one or two changes before we get from january 3rd and i would readily admit that our campaign didn't go as smoothly and as positively as i would have liked and the errors i've made whether they were on the debate or what have you and i've asked americans give me a second look let me look at my policy and those were not laid out until the mid september at that particular point in time when they're falling in the polls ag
for being here to yield back the balance of my time. >> that element from texas will be recognized for one and a half minutes. >> thank you, mr. chaiman for calling this meeting. companies go bankrupt everyday and while i do not believe it is the role of congress to examine every banks see that occurs in the private sector, the case of mf globalism exception. given that global bankruptcy is the eighth largest in the united states history, it is hard for congress to not ask what happened. it is extremely important for this committee to examine the consequences for the financial sector of mf globalize both impacts on end-users such as farmers and ranchers who access future he markets to hedge the risk. there are so several questions that mf global races that need to be answered. first, mf global received a number of regulatory sanctions throughout the years, yet was still allowed to dramatically increase risks, notably in its exposure to european sovereign debt. the most important question that needs to be answered, however, is what happened to $1.2 billion of client money that has gone miss
congressman named john from texas about why it wasn't working. and his answer was in effect that it would work. and of course, the fact was if you do something for you. and then stopped completely, it is confusing. it can be seen to our people. it's confusing to the enemy and i did ask a question and try to get some response from hans asked you how the combination of off and on was going to work. the way it's going to work as more of the same. and at that point he was in a bombing pause, and he had a tough job as president and he did his best. >> in retrospect, what do you think his mistakes are in vietnam and making the decision the way it was for? >> well, i wasn't in his shoes and it's hard to say for sure, but in the last analysis come in that country was going to have to find its way itself. and the task we had was not to try to go after the north vietnamese were the vietcong alone because all they have to do was disappear. they didn't have to fight a single battle. they could just disappear in a week later show back a. they could go harvest the rice and then come back and you could have
with respect to the texas governor's executive order. every time you talk about children and sexuality, you are in a space where the political dynamics are going to dominate the signs. i think that is what both of those cases have in common. and i think that scientists tend to look at it from the dead of to provide young women with actions when they have an unintended the that's a medical problem. but we need to protect young women from the risk of cervical cancer that's a medical problem. but when you move from that sort of public health arena into the political arena, then we know that we have different kinds of considerations and as the president said himself, he thinks that quote, common sense needs to be applied. i guess that implies that science and common sense are not compatible at some level. i'm not so sure about that, but the fact that the matter is it's highly politicized. so i would think it won't have a chilling effect gets most of our drugs are not used in that context. >> here's another question from that table. >> a copper base. i have a question with regard to cost and inn
. >> thank you for your time and patience to read >> the gentleman from texas mr. greene. >> thank you mr. chairman and ranking member. to the witnesses, think you. do you have in the gse arms that have not adjusted? >> as i look at the product is predominantly -- >> i can barely hear you. >> they are dominated 15, 20 or 30 your product so i would look at it and say in terms of the products it's a small portion of what we have come and can probably follow up and give you a member of the future point. >> a smaller portion would you guess that to be 10% or more? >> some of our members up here are having a hard time hearing if you would speak louder and clearer. >> thank you. >> as i was saying the product is predominantly 15, 20 and will be happy to follow-up on the percentage. >> i understand that you are saying fixed rate, is that what you are saying? i'm talking about adjustable rate mortgages. >> it is our point most of the products that are fixed rate of 15, 20 or 30 year products. >> would you respond, please? >> they are a smaller percentage of what we do come a small percent of what
for a simple a consortium led by the university of texas at austin is working with carnegie mellon to the opening initiative to redesign general the education courses which can be completed faster in some cases twice as fast than traditional courses with the same or better student performance knowledge retention over time. the strategy for increasing productivity and higher education is to introduce business efficiency to produce savings that can be used to graduate more students. much of what needs to happen here is to encourage cooperation collaboration among institutions to improve the quality and cost. since ohio began borrowing and will efficiency savings, their public colleges report more than $900 million in reduced cost. now my written testimony i discussed some of the implications of state and institutional efforts to increase productivity related to the critical issues of the federal financial aid, data systems and quality assurance. for now let me say federal student aid continues to be the bedrock of support for low-income populations and must be sustained. but innovati
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12